The wheelchair is a chair that consists of wheels that are used when walking is impossible due to illness, disability or injury. To meet the specific need of the users, it comes in a wide variety of formats including individual controls, specialized seating adaptations, and specific to various particular activities. Some wheelchairs are designed for single activities or to address the specific needs, others for general everyday use.

Some of the authentic wheelchairs that are offered by the Sinai Medical Supply are as follows:

  • Manual self-propelled wheelchairs: This type of wheelchair incorporates a seat, frame, four wheels, and one or two footplates. In this, two large wheels are present at the back allowing the user to maneuver the chair by pushing on them and two caster wheels are present at the front side. It can be folded easily or can be rigid. Folding chairs are usually low-end designs, whose major benefit is being able to fold, commonly by bringing the two sides together. Rigid wheelchairs are progressively chosen by full-time and active users that have everlastingly welded joints and many fewer moving parts, which reduce the energy required to push the chair by removing many points where the chair would stretch and absorb energy as it moves.
  • Manual attendant-propelled wheelchairs: It is similar to a manual self-propelled wheelchair, but the difference is that the diameter of both the wheels is small. This type of wheelchair is maneuvered and can be controlled by the other person standing at the back by pushing the handles.  These are also called transport wheelchairs.
  • Powered wheelchairs: A powered wheelchair is also known as a power-chair that additionally incorporates electric motors and batteries into the frame that is controlled by the attendant or user with the help of joystick present on the arm set.
  • All-terrain wheelchair: This type of wheelchair allows a user to access a certain terrain otherwise completely inaccessible to the user of the wheelchair. It develops two different types of formats such as a hybrid wheelchair and mountain bike technology.
  • Smart wheelchair: This type of wheelchair uses a control system to augment or replace user control. The purpose of smart wheelchair is to reduce the task of the user of driving a power-chair.

These are some of the different types of wheelchairs. It is basically used when the person is not able to walk properly due to some reasons such as injury, illness and various others. The wheelchairs we are providing are affordable to anyone as we have very reasonable rates. It is available in various sizes according to your needs.

About Sinai Medical Supply

If you need a wheelchair, which is a best fit and adjustable, then you can find it at Sinai Medical Supply. Our emphasis is on delivering high-quality products along with an affordable price so that anyone can easily afford it. We are dedicated to providing exceptional products and to giving customers a unique service experience to ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied.

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