Wheelchairs make it easier for disabled to shop, travel and move around with ease. However, this is not the only thing to consider when buying one as there are several other concerns to take care of. Users who have been using it for quite some time often describe their experience with ill-fitted wheelchairs and poor training to use it effectively. Although there are numerous choices, selecting a wheelchair suitable for needs is rather difficult.

  • Common problems users come across:
  • Fit and comfort remains a major problem
  • Lack of maintenance and repair services leading to difficulty in using wheelchair
  • Transportation while traveling also remains a major concern

These are only a few of several challenges faced by users in selecting the right wheelchair for enhancing mobility. After all, mobility problems will have a solution only when the wheelchair serves the intended purpose efficiently. Most users find peer support networks of great help as a source of information for these medical supplies. Absolutely, there are different models and several options available to solve mobility issues for long as well as short term users. Gathering enough information is critical for understanding the definition of the ‘right’.

Other factors that can make selection easier are the barriers in the physical environment that the user lives in. Based on the kind of use, a user may also need to have multiple chairs for better mobility. Type of disability, duration of use and area of movement are other factors affecting selection.

Consulting the healthcare provider is the best thing to simplify search and make the most of wheelchairs for enhancing mobility. While your healthcare provider can offer the best guidance, Sinai Medical Supply can offer all the latest models of wheelchairs for better mobility solutions. Buyers can also expect excellent product support and guidance for making the right selection.

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