Skil-Care develops and designs products for hospitals, nursing homes, home care settings, and rehabilitation facilities. The objective of making the products is to increase resident care and in addition to supporting healthcare amenities in decreasing the existence of skin failure in a bedand a wheelchair. There are various other areas on which Skil-Care focus’; such as fall safety (mats, alarms), resident safety (smokers apron, belts), pressure reduction (cushions, padding’s), bed and wheelchair positioning, mattresses, skin protection, sensory stimulation, gait and transfer assistance, physical restraints, exercise, bariatric accessories, and various other products that are necessary at home or in an institution.

It is a brand that manufactures healthcare products such as specially designed mattresses, pads, cushions, and positioning cushions. Skil-Care manufactures over 95% of the products in the U.S. Skil-Care also helps with patient fall safety, mobility, skin protection, exercise, bariatric accessories, sensory stimulation, physical restraints, and other products essential medical products for the home or institutional setting.

There are various products manufactured by Skil-Care. Some of them are given below:

  • Skil-Care triple-ply heel protector pads-pressure relieving pain treatment: Skil-Care manufactures the heel protector pads that heals the pain of the foot and provides pressure relief for patients having sensitive skin.
  • Skil-Care TLC positioning pad-moderate absorbency: This product is used as a bed to wheelchair transfer. It is also known as a patient transfer sheet that offers moderate absorbency for urine.
  • Skil-Care sheepskin limb holder ankle/wrist restraint: It is used for comfortably secures wrist or ankles that limits the motion of the patient’s arms and legs in bed.

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