In the medical industry, surgical gowns are of great significance.  These gowns are a barrier between the wearer and fluidsor microbial transmissions that can be a source of infection.Generally, a surgical gown has long sleeves and elastic cuffs to maintain a sterile barrier between the surgeon’s clothes and exposed arms, and the patient on the operating table.These gowns are made from a variety of materials in a method that helps reducebacterial count in the surgical room.  Impermeable material or water-resistant tightly woven fabrics make a good choice for these gowns. When surgeons wear a surgical grade gown, they help to prevent contamination via this route. Surgical gowns are an extremely important protection equipment in surgical fields, but may not be necessary for other non-invasive procedures. However, if a procedure exposes one to bodily fluids, a surgical gown is considered an important piece of protective gear.

Reusable or disposable surgical gowns

Hospitals can stock both reusable and disposable surgical gowns. Disposable surgical gowns are recommended in following situations:

  • When inspecting patients with infectious diseases that can be transmitted by contact
  • When implementing protective isolation for critical patients like one undergoing treatment for large-scale burns, patients who have undergone bone or organ transplant, and other patients for whom a sterile environment is essential.
  • When entering key departments like NICU, ICU, protective wards, where it is essential to wear sterile clothing
  • In any situation wherethere is high risk of bodily fluid transfer especially if the transfer can occur at velocity

Reusable surgical gowns

As referenced from the term, reusable surgical gowns can be washed and reused again. Various people advocate for reusable surgical gowns considering the burden on the environment.While proper methods for disposal of the disposable gowns must be planned, reusable gowns can simply be thoroughly washed and used again.

Whether the health care professionals prefer disposable or reusable gowns, online distributor Sinai Medical Supply offers a large collection of top-grade surgical gownsfor use by all in health care.

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