Like people, wheelchairs come in different sizes, colors and capabilities.  Different sized bodies have different requirements and modern wheelchairs can accommodate almost all of them.

A wheelchair is a wonderful mobility solution that has made lives simpler for people with disability, age related mobility issues and patients with special needs. They are also great as a short-term mobility aid after a surgery or accident. However, choosing the right wheelchair involves considering the user’s weight as well as that of the wheelchair itself.

The past few decades haveproduced numerous advancements in wheelchair design and manufacturing. Leading manufacturers have worked hard to enhance the appeal of their products by using light weight materials such as aluminum in place of heavy components such as steel frames. Consequently, the weight of a standard wheelchair has been reduced by 10-20 pounds while the cost of these mobility aids has increased significantly.

Is it really important to spend a little extra to buy a wheelchair that is lighter? For athletes it may be, but for the general public it’s still a confusing thing to think about.

When a person in a wheelchair is being pushed by a caregiver or propelling themselves, the actual weight of the wheelchair may not be noticeable.  Today’s Wheelchairs are increasingly lightweight with smaller wheels and lighter frames.

However, when a wheelchair has to be lifted into a vehicle or lifted in any way by another person, the weight matters.  The overall weight of the wheelchair is a concern the end user must consider carefully, along with other specifications,to ensure they are investing in the right product.

Sinai Medical Supplys, an online medical equipment store, has manual as well as powered wheelchairs in lightweight designs and frames. Navigate through the site to find the best products by leading manufacturers.

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