Physical disabilities and health problems might put people in need of aids for daily living. If you or a loved one is in a similar situation, there are several products that can help increase overall independence and make life easier. Anyone with certain limited physical capabilities, and their caregivers find great help from products designed to assist with the activities of daily living.

These products allow individuals to perform the numerous daily activities that those without challenges may take for granted. From reading or roaming around the garden to doing daily basic activities, such as eating and dressing oneself, these aids for daily living provide the individual with greater independence.

Here are quality products by Drive Medical for help when you need it most:

Mobility solutions

Mobility products like wheelchairs, scooters, canes, crutches, walkers, rollator walkers, and others help you gain independence and move around in an easier way. From walking around the garden, walking from room to room, and using the kitchen area, mobility products help you complete tasks which are essential for daily living.  Mobility solutions provide a way for you to get where you want to go and participate in your life activities with less help. Mobility solutions ensure you achievemore independence.

In fact, individual use mobility scooters to visit markets, parks, nearby areas, and attend social gatherings. As these devices are portable, they can also be packed fortravel and vacation.

Bath safety products

The Bathroom is a place where the most slips and falls happen.  Physical instability, whether through age, injury or physical disability, makes it difficult for individuals to move easily around the bathroom and increases the likelihood of a fall. Nowadays, there are many aids for daily living that improve safety in the bathroom area. Products such as shower/tub chairs, bath transfer benches, commodes, grab bars, bath lifts, and raised toilet seats, make it easier for an individual use the bathroom on their own. These bathroom safety products also benefit caregivers by making it easier for them to assist patients in using the bathroom. There are many more bath safety products to accommodate virtually every need.

Also, there are bath safety mats, slip prevention hand rails and several other accessories that assist with daily living.

Therapeutic support surfaces

Mattress overlays, mattress replacements, support cushions, wheelchair cushions, and other support products are actually helpful tothose providing care. These products and accessoriesprovide great comfort to their loved ones and can increase the quality of their lives. As daily tasksbecome easier, life becomes more beautiful.

Life is precious and it should be enjoyed to the fullest! Aids to Daily Living products help people move and live more comfortably, maintain dignity, and enjoy life.

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