Medical supplies are quite common to find in hospitals as well as home care facilities. What exactly are medical supplies? ‘Medical Supplies’ commonly refers to medical equipment, also termed as armamentarium. It could include anything required for patient health care. In a wider sense, it includes a complete set of equipment that a medical institution or a healthcare expert uses such as supplies, instruments, etc.

As expected, there are different types of medical supplies used at hospitals. It includes consumable supplies which are also called disposable supplies; and other supplies such as durable medical equipment, diagnostic & testing supplies, surgical instruments, acute care supplies, diabetic supplies, home health care supplies, electronic and life support systems, and other life saving equipment. Each type of medical supplies has their own unique features and characteristics that enable them to serve the intended purpose. These features also allow health experts to make a choice for patient care.

Several reputed manufacturers like Brimhall, Drive Medical, and others produce world-class medical equipment for quality care.

Consumable Medical Supplies

These are often one-time use, disposable, and non-durable products, used by health care professionals as well as at-home patients. It includes a long list of devices such as needles, syringes, gloves, and many others.

Durable Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment includes products such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, bathroom aids, ventilators, walkers, and several other products that can enhance the quality of life.

Earlier, medical supplies were mostly purchased from sales representatives visiting door-to-door and local stores. With the improvement in technology, health care equipment and devices are also available on sale online. Buyers can buy products without any third-party involvement and save a lot on purchases. Sinai Medical Supply. is one such online store that offers quality-assured medical supplies sourced directly from manufacturers. With doorstep delivery, online purchases can save a lot of time and money.

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