In healthcare settings:

  • Medical gloves are used as a part of the universal precautions methods to decrease the risk of contamination and cross-contamination between healthcare workers.
  • Use of medical grade gloves is essential to reduce the risk of contamination of a patient and the patient’s environment.
  • Single use medical grade gloves is extremely important for healthcare workers and caregivers.  Reuse is discouraged.

Leading brands like Medline have made available different types of gloves for use in healthcare settings to prevent contamination and spread of germs.

Current pandemic and gloves

Everyone is aware of the ongoing corona pandemic thathas claimed millions of lives across the globe and posed serious threats to the world economy. All governments are struggling to deal with the situation.

Medical research professionals, doctors and all concerned experts are working tirelessly to find a possible treatment or vaccine to fight Coronavirus or Covid-19. Besides social distancing, experts emphasize washing one’s hands as important parts of decreasing the spread.The use of hand sanitizers and gloves are other ways to stay safe. However, the right use of gloves and personal hygiene products are both essential to staying safe.

Right use of gloves during pandemic

Wearing gloves while grocery shopping and doing other activities outdoors can help decrease the spread of the virus but only if gloves are used correctly.  The virus won’t be killed by just wearing gloves if one continues to touch surfaces and then touches their face, mouth or eyes.  The correct use of gloves requires that the user have clean hands before putting on the gloves and if possible, use hand sanitizer with the gloves, if the gloves have been in some other container than the original box.  When you are finished using the gloves, take them off and throw them away immediately. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after removing gloves. Do not reuse gloves.

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