A mattress overlay or topper is used to provide an additional layer of cushioning over your mattress. They are typically made from memory foam or gel and provide an inexpensive way to sleep comfortably. Toppers and overlays also have therapeutic value and suggested by healthcare experts for certain medical conditions.

Using mattress overlays & toppers can have positive impact on your health and budget also.

Pressure reduction

The biggest health benefit is additional cushioning that reduces pressure on body parts. It contours to your body and relieves pressure on areas such as hips, shoulders, head and back. Body areas with pain have slightly higher temperature than other body parts and a memory foam can detect it to reduce pressure in these areas, thus alleviating pain.

No motion transfer

When sleeping with a partner, any movement by one can disturb the other. But, this would not be the case if you are using a mattress pad or overlay. Memory foam has the capability to absorb any movement so you or your partner will not get disturbed while sleeping if any one of you turns around.

A healthy alternative to traditional mattresses

As the overlay or topper moulds to your curves, it supports spine and lumbar region. Other benefits include healthy blood circulation, reduced swelling and joint pain.

Additionally, it absorbs the perspiration and prevents it from reaching the underlying mattress, and thus prevents any problem related to body sweat.

Durable and cost-effective

Overlays and toppers increase the overall life expectancy of a regular mattress while offering many health benefits. As it is laid over the regular mattress, it saves it from all sorts of damage and distortion. Being cost-effective, it can be replaced without any budget problem.

On the whole, mattress overlays and toppers provide an incredible way to enhance comfort while reducing wear and tear of your core mattress.


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