Patients with mobility disorders find it extremely difficult to walk around, especially when using the toilet or while bathing. Offering a wide range of ambulatory aids, Eagle Health Supplies is a ray of hope for these patients as well as seniors who are experiencing a loss of mobility. They are acknowledged as an innovator in the field of designing shower chairs, transfer benches, bath and commode chairs. In fact, they have gained an edge in the bathroom mobility industry. A look at their range of products confirms that Eagle Health Supplies are the leader in bathroom mobility solutions.

More than mobility, Eagle Health Supplies are known for improving bath safety for all patients and seniors at home or hospitals. Their well-known product –sliding transfer bench –continues to improve with variations and modifications to their products to make it more useful by meeting the needs of individual patients with mobility disorders. Eagle Health continues to broaden its product range by including multi functional bath and safety products at highly reduced costs for general public. By providing a safe mobility solution, Eagle Health ensures to make the lives of patients easier and convenient. Many seniors give the credit of their independence to Eagle Health.

Eagle health has been active in the industry for over two decades, helping patients with their highly durable home medical equipment. Their products, including bath safety and bath ambulatory products, make life easier for consumers. It is not just in terms of usability, but also price. Consumers can expect a high-quality product with great value. The price is lowest for general public.

Their most popular bathroom sliding transfer bench first entered the market as a simple, cost-effective bathroom mobility solution. Since then, the market has been flooded with more than thirty different models of this chair to meet individual requirements. Seniors and patients with mobility problems rely on these bathroom aids to safely transfer from the commode or bath. Patients who need to transport oxygen with them can also do with the help of one of the models featuring oxygen tank holder.

Eagle Health Supplies has gained immense industry reputation for helping families to take care of their loved ones. With the swivel sliding transfer benches, they ensure that their loved can easily and safety get into or come out of a bathtub, thus giving them a sense of confidence. Unlike other benches, seats can be glided to come out easily without any fear of falling.


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