The need and use of face coverings in public have become quite frequent these days. It comes in response to the global pandemic COVID-19 that has hit the world badly. However, during these tough times, a common question that everyone comes across is: what is the need for wearing a face mask, if one is not personally at a high risk for COVID-19? Probably, this is why many people are often seen ignoring the necessary COVID guidelines issued by WHO (World Health Organization). Not covering nose and mouth in public places where following social distancing norms are difficult to maintain (such as grocery stores, supermarkets and pharmacies), particularly in areas at the risk of community-based transmission can be dangerous.

One thing that everyone must be aware of is that the Coronavirus can spread even before symptoms appear. Coughing, sneezing or speaking at closer distance can cause the virus from an infected asymptomatic patient to release and infect a healthy person through respiratory droplets. Face coverings such as face masks provide an effective barrier to break the transmission by preventing the droplets from reaching and infecting other persons around. Cotton face masks and coverings are highly effective and provide an effective shield when worn by everyone around. While general public can rely on cloth based masks, N-95 and surgical masks are appropriate for healthcare workers who have to stay in direct contact of patients with COVID-19.

If everyone wears face masks in public, the risk of transmission of the viral infection can decrease drastically. This in conjunction with social distancing and frequent hand-washing or using hand sanitizers will limit the spread of COVID-19 quickly and effectively.

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