A leading online wholesaler, distributor and supplier of top-rated medical products, Sinai Medical Supply brings high-quality medical devices under one roof. The online wholesaler endeavors to make top-branded medical devices more accessible and affordable for hospitals as well as retail customers. The supplier does this by providing online products at wholesale prices to medical professionals and patients alike.

The online store features a full range of medical supplies sourced directly from leading brands. Since the devices are branded, they don’t break down and provide lasting services thus offering total value for money. Buyers can expect complete assistance while making a purchase of any medical supply of their need. Along with the best of medical supplies, buyers can also anticipate outstanding customer assistance for choosing the best products.

As the team at Sinai Medical Supply says, the biggest challenge for most of the healthcare providers remains the availability of high-quality medical supplies. Even if it is available, it is capital intensive. Unfortunately, healthcare industry often battles with funding which causes a lack of quality healthcare products at hospitals. In addition to this, financial crunches also cause individual buyers to suffer and settle for compromised healthcare. Even if finances are managed somehow, medical devices do incur some problems and repair is equally expensive. This shouldn’t happen and this is the problem that Sinai Medical Supply is trying to solve.

Being one of the earliest suppliers of medical equipment and devices, Sinai Medical Supply believes in the idea of eliminating the role of mediators to cut down costs without compromising quality. The idea is the brain child of people behind this online retail store. They are working with some of the biggest medical device manufacturers as their authorized distributors and sell products at highly affordable prices. As a wholesaler as well as retailer, they sell products at same prices for all their customers.

Their warehouse accommodates full range of medical devices and equipment that doctors, other healthcare professionals and patients would need for hospital and in-home care. Thousands of product line includes everything from smaller to large medical devices such as needles and gloves to wheelchairs, monitoring devices, and everything one would need.

With Sinai Medical Supply offering everything at fair price, buyers need not worry about finding the medical supply of their interest. Online store ensures easy accessibility, quick ordering, faster delivery, and excellent customer support. Doorstep delivery of products further eases things for buyers. This convenience and affordability ensures quality healthcare for one and all. Sinai Medical Supply has come a long way in providing excellent products that guarantees quality healthcare at highly affordable price.

About Sinai Medical Supply

A leading online wholesaler, distributor and retailer of high-quality medical supplies, Sinai Medical Supply is a reputed name among professional and individual buyers. Along with durable medical equipment, the supplier also sells disposable medical supplies at highly affordable prices. The online store is a conglomerate of a comprehensive of array of medical supplies that includes thousands of products for hospital and in-home patient care.

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