Sinai Medical Supply has unveiled new additions to its range of offerings. The new products are home Infrared Healing Productsfrom Therasage.

One of the largest online distributors and wholesalers of a wide range of medical equipment and devices, Sinai Medical Supply fulfills the demands of health care institutions as well as in home patient care. The online store carries a huge collection of thousands of products ranging from the smallest to the largest pieces for intensive care. From gloves to needles and therapeutic care, orthopedic supplies, bed and bath care as well as power wheelchairs, mobility scooters and everything else required for effective patient care – Sinai Medical Supply has it all. As a wholesaler, the company has a warehouse accommodating all products to meet sudden and bulk demands. Now, the warehouse has received a fresh stock of Healing Products from Therasage.

Therasage™ LLC has created a niche in the medical industry taking personal health practices to a new height.Its proprietary line of at home infrared healing products has changed the way health care is practiced. Using the infrared technology, the company has come up with some incredible products that can transform the health and wellness industry. Leveraging TheraFusion™ Infrared Technology, Therasage™ and its products are considered the best of all to deliver outstanding results in various aspects of health care. These products, known as Therasage™ Far Infrared Products, offer natural ways to emulsify cellulite, relieve stress and muscle tension, increase metabolism, improve skin condition, improve blood flow, and detoxify the body. Therasage™ Energized Air Technology provides almost immediate therapeutic benefits through the combination of negative ion release and jade stone.

There are many uncertainties within the Health Care industry but sometimes only a few options. Various healthcare systems in existence sometimes find it difficult to offer solutions for overall wellbeing. Sensing the uncertainty, society is seeking solutions to take control of their own wellbeing and improve their quality of life. Consequently, trends reflecting the demands for alternative health and wellbeing products are on the rise. This rise in the demand for alternative health and wellbeing products helps to counter the negative effects of decreasing healthcare benefits and lack of medical insurance coverage.

Various Therasage products have been created based on decades of research and studies conducted by globally renowned scientists. Collaboratively, they have developed health solutions that can even help fight chronic disorders.

Products based on TheraFusion™ Infrared Technology make natural wellness therapies attainable and affordable. Plus these products are easy to use and safe.  The TheraFusion™ line of products are non-invasive, infrared heat products that are used for both active and passive heat therapies.

Sinai Medical Supply has added Therasage products to its line to ensureeasy access to the products for overall wellbeing.

About Sinai Medical Supply

A leading online distributor and wholesaler of high-quality medical equipment and devices, Sinai Medical Supply offers the widest range of products. Fromsmall scale products such as needles and gloves to heavy-duty equipment like mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs, the medical supply store offers everything needed for patient care, in home and in hospital settings. The online store is a one stop destination for medical equipment from all leading brands.

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