Knee braces are commonly used to alleviate pain and discomfort in your knees. People may also wear a knee brace to prevent sports injuries, occupational injuries, and pain. Made from a combination of materials such as metal, foam and plastic, they offer great comfort to the wearer. They may also feature elastic straps to ensure adjustability, and are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs.

Knee braces are generally recommended for knee pain. Depending on the issue or injury, doctors may not advise wearing a knee brace. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with a health professional before wearing one.

Different types of knee braces:

Rehabilitative knee braces

These kinds of knee braces are usually recommended for a specific amount of time right after an injury or surgery.  These knee braces keep the knee stable, often by allowing no movement or limited movement during the period of healing.

Functional braces

If knees have been injured in the past, functional braces are used to give support. Athletes and other people wear them after an injury has healed for added support of the weakened or strained knee. By controlling the range of motion and stabilizing the knees, functional knee braces helpprevent further injuries.

Prophylactic braces

Contact sports and high impact activities have increased risk of knee injury. Prophylactic braces are used as a safety measure to help prevent knee injuries that can occur through impact or continuous motion.

Knee sleeves

Technically, these are not braces, but a kind of support to provide compression around the knee joint. Knee sleeves support the area with compression to alleviate pain and swelling.

Unloader braces

People with arthritis in the knee use these braces for pain relief. Unloader braces are used to shift weight from the damaged area of the knee to a stronger area for better mobility and pain relief.

How and where to get a knee brace?

Once you and your doctor have decided you need a knee brace or you have received an orthopedic prescription for a knee brace, this is the time to figure out what type of knee brace is appropriate.After receiving an orthopedist’s prescription andfiguring out what type of brace is needed, one can order the best knee brace online and save money on high-quality products.  Online stores provide a wide range of orthopedic supplies directly from manufacturers and offergood discounts on high-quality products.

How to use the knee brace?

One should rely on a doctor’s recommendation. Most knee braces and supports must be used as directed by a health care expert. When and where to wear the brace depends on the injury and the ongoing treatment. One must also check the placement of the braces as poorly fitted and poorly positioned braces can do more harm than good.

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