Medical is a high-risk profession involving greater chances of patients and practitioners being exposed to unseen threats in the form bacteria, viruses, and other infection causing germs. Thus, the industry requires everyone belonging to the sector to follow the required safety measures aimed at lowering the probabilities of infection. In that light, medical staff is encouraged to constantly use disposable gloves as a part of their daily practices.

Medical gloves belong to the category of personal protective equipment that is aimed to protect against chemicals and microbes. In fact, there are different variations of medical gloves made from different polymers, each possessing special properties for specific purposes. Hence, determining which type of glove to use for specific purposes is essential to reduce the chances of risk.  It would appropriate to say that gloves are a part of infection control strategy.

Gloves used in the medical industry are usually disposable and are known by different names depending on what they are used for: surgical gloves, examination gloves, and medical gloves for handling chemotherapy agents (also known as chemotherapy gloves). Like several other medical essentials, FDA also reviews gloves to determine their performance criteria such as tear resistance, leak resistance, and bio compatibility.

Use of medical gloves

The use of medical gloves is quite obvious: when a medical professional is required to touch a patient’s body fluids (in the form of respiratory secretions, blood, vomit, feces, or urine), potentially contaminated items, or certain hazardous drugs.

Caution while using gloves:

  • Hands must be thoroughly cleaned before putting on the sterile gloves
  • Medical gloves should never be washed or disinfected
  • Gloves shouldn’t be shared
  • Gloves should fit the wearer properly so that the professional can carry on patient examinations comfortably
  • Ripped gloves should be changed immediately
  • Hands must be washed and sanitized thoroughly after removing gloves

Sinai Medical Supply urges the safe use of gloves during COVID-19 pandemic.

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