Life is uncertain. It changes unexpectedly and sometimes these changes are unfortunate. You or someone you know and love may have already experienced difficulty in life because of an unfortunate accident.  A person can break when an accident happens and profoundly affects one’s mobility. While some are courageous and find ways to bounce back, others sometimes simply give up. Oftentimes it is a lack information regarding their options that may be the reason that someone is uninspired to start life again.

Accepting that one must now use a wheelchair can take longer for some than for others.  Along with physical restrictions, they may also feel helpless or become depressed. The feeling of “why did this happen to me” suppresses all the enthusiasm and powerful thinking. However, one can improve their situation with acceptance and learning to adapt to the variety of changes.  Facing life in a wheelchair, may be difficult, but it is also full of possibilities.

Emotional changes can make a person feel at their lowest and are sometimes just as difficult to handle as the physical changes. Mounting emotions such as feeling inferior or excluded are common. Understanding those emotions and working through them can be very healing for wheelchair bound patients. Asking for help and getting it, is a hugely positive influence in a wheelchair bound person’s life.  Additionally, family and friends can be of great help during this difficult emotional phase. Support and understanding are two the best ways to deal with undesirable life changes in order to get to acceptance and the process of improving one’s new life.

Here are some Helpful Ideas:

  • Talking to an expert as in someone who is experienced and will one to adjust and learn.
  • Writing about or journaling one’s experiences can help to process volatile emotions and may also be of help to others in a similar situation. It is also a way to document one’s progress.
  • Spending time with a close friend and talking to them can help get an outside perspective.
  • Meditation is quite helpful in these situations. It offers a sense of peacefulness and distracts from the difficulties.

Solutions for tackling the physical issues are better than ever! Modern wheelchairs can counteract previous limitations and restrictions. Today’s wheelchair designs provide an individual with much better mobility solutions and greater independence. In fact, features such as electric or power wheelchairs and scooters make indoor and outdoor movements much easier. Wheelchairs now come with a variety of features and are so highly adjustable, they open up opportunities for all kinds of travel!

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