Sinai Medical Supply a leading online medical supplies store, offers a wide range of Brimhallproducts which promote holistic healing.

An idea originally conceived by Dr. John Brimhall (also known as the Father of Wellness), Six Steps to Wellness Protocol™seeks to improve quality of life with better patient care. Doctors trained in the BrimhallWellness Protocol have reported significantly more positivepatient outcomes.This protocol gives practitioners more confidence when faced with difficult cases which results in an increase in healthier patients.The Wellness Protocol has helped patients as well as practitioners since an increase in healthier patients can also increase practitioner’s bottom line.

Brimhall products have also helped patients realize their dreams of living a quality life. BrimhallWellness offers a wide range of products that facilitate healing. In addition to products, the Brimhall line includes books that share the contributing authors’ miraculous outcomes simply through bringing positive change to the lives of their patients.

Brimhall products also include color and light therapy options, the Eyelights category.The theory behind Eyelightsproducts is based on scientific evidence showing the positive results from color and light stimulation. When used properly,the weaker side of one’s is stimulated and becomes stronger. Eyelights Therapy improves overall performance mentally and physically, and can be used be used by just about everyone.  The therapy is quite wonderful for children, and seems to improve both focus and attentiveness, especially in children who have learning disabilities. Even athletes wear Eyelights to increase their performance on the field or to push through a plateau. Anyone suffering from depression, stress, or certain neurological disorders can wear Eyelightsto more effectively with their disorders.

Eyelights Therapy works in a specialized way by targeting the weaker functioning side of the brain, which is a part of everyone’s make up.  Just as everyone has a more dominate hand, right hand or left hand, so too do we have a more dominant side of the brain. Eyelights Therapy targets the non-dominate eye which corresponds to the non-dominant part of the brain. This therapy sends an excitatory barrage of light stimulation to travel to the mesencephalon, which happens to be the most metabolic area of the brain, and triggers more cellular function.

Eyelights Therapy provides better response in conditions, such as:

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Dyslexia

Multipolar Magnets, yet another wellness product by Brimhall, protect from electromagnetic radiations. In today’s world,electronic appliances and gadgets have an impact on our overall health.While it’s difficult to minimize gadget usage, there is a way to reduce the possibleimpacts, Multipolar Magnets. These magnets can be placed in a shirt pocket or in a wallet that is kept near the body and offer protection in strong electromagnetic environments.

Sinai Medical Supply wishes everyone good health in the most uncertain of times. The online store is loaded with wellness products to promote a healthy life.

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Sinai Medical Supply is a leading online seller of high-quality medical supplies such as durable medical equipment, gloves, masks, chiropractic care products, and everything else required for both personal and patient care.

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