All musculoskeletal related problems need orthopedic care. Orthopedic patients usually have impairments related to joints, bone, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. Pain, swelling and inflammation are common symptoms. Over the years, technological developments have made available advanced orthopedic products to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort incurred. A variety of products from splints to support for back, elbow, shoulders, arms, legs and hips, exist to help patients live a normal life and recover faster. Let’s talk about a few medical supplies that are commonly suggested by orthopedic doctors:

Support for arms

Splints and support options for arms are suggested by orthopedic doctors for pain and injury in arms. Forearm, collies and metacarpal splints are pre-molded to ensure an anatomical fit. As patients may need to put it on for longer, splints are designed to ensure superior comfort through polyester and urethane foam padding. Additionally, they are designed to be highly malleable in order to ensure exact positioning. Splints also feature an arm elevator to rehabilitate limbs.Splints also feature cotton slings having hook and loop closure to secure the arm pocket. This kind of a design is to reduce edema of the hand and arm.

Shoulder immobilizing slings

Arm slings have evolved to become shoulder immobilizing slings to meet the needs of patients with varying orthopedic conditions. Usually made with soft foam, they are designed to fit men as well as women of all shapes and sizes. Deep shoulder arm slings can also accommodate casts and bandages and simultaneously help reduce neck and shoulder strain.

Hip support

Hip support for orthopedic care protects the hip from enduring fractures. High-quality hip supports have foam shields to absorb the impact of a fall, if occurs. Also, the foam pads are perforated to allow breath ability and minimize rashes or breakouts.

Leg and foot support

Orthopedic medical supplies for leg and foot support are mostly used by athletes. Ankle supports provide relief from ankle joint problems, and also confer superior inversion and eversion protection. For advanced treatment, orthopedic sandals and boots can also serve as a lightweight solution to protect a cast. However, these sandals and boots have open toe and open heel feature to allow superior ventilation and comfort.

Another orthopedic medical supply in this category is knee immobilizer that helps to reduce flexion and prevents swelling.

Orthopedic belts, orthopedic lumbar supports – comprising rib compression belts as well as sacral and abdominal supports – are other supplies that help rehabilitate particular, bone, muscle, joint, tendon and nerve areas.


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