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The vast majority of people that are trying to accomplish something big will fail and it's not even their fault. People with big dreams always encounter daunting challenges. When you apply the Breakthrough Code, no matter how big your goals are, you can get what you want easier and faster.

This modern-day parable takes you through the journey of a young boy, Jonathan, who has big dreams and ambitions. Jonathan's promising start after college quickly turns to overwhelm, struggling to succeed at work and finding himself in a situation where both his relationship and his health are failing. Feeling down on his luck, Jonathan turns to a friend of his deceased father, Mr. Woodberry, for advice.

Mr. Woodberry introduces Jonathan to The Breakthrough Code. Through a series of stories, characters, trials, and tribulations, Jonathan starts to see his life improving. He finds himself happier, healthier and creating breakthroughs in every area of his life. Jonathan's career, relationships, and life all begin to shift for the better.

But what changed? Throughout the journey, Jonathan learns how to apply The Breakthrough Code. He learns that his life was being held back by the story he was telling himself and his subconscious beliefs.

The Breakthrough Code is a story about the possibilities you can create when you connect the big results you want in your life to your life's purpose. You will learn how to get rid of old memories, thought, and beliefs that are holding you back and create a brand new and much more powerful story of who you are and what you are capable of. You will learn how to access your superconscious mind to automate the process of achieving your most important results. Finally, when you put The Breakthrough Code into action, you will find yourself being guided to take the most effective and efficient actions to reach your goals quicker, with less resistance.

"This book provides the blueprint to crack the code and live a life without limits."-Tony Robbins

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