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Calm your nerves, reduce anxiety, and sleep better with the Bed Buddy Weighted Blanket.
 Our breathable weighted blanket is made of premium glass beads to prevent leaking while the stitching keeps them in place to help control body temperature. Our Bed Buddy weighted blanket benefits users by mimicking a hug to reduce anxiety, provide a calming effect, and increase serotonin levels. Available in an adult-size (a 80" x 60", 17 lb weighted blanket) and a kid-size (a 41" x 60", 7 pound weighted blanket).

  • Helps calm nerves and improves sleep. Weighted blankets use their heavyweight to mimic being held. This pressure helps increase serotonin which aids in reducing anxiety, calming nerves, and improving sleep quality. In essence, weighted blankets help you feel good.
  • Keeps you cool by controlling body temperature. A common problem with most weight blankets is they can cause the user to get hot, fast. Our cooling weighted blanket features premium quality stitching with tight pockets to keep the beads in place and help control body temperature. Our gravity blankets are designed for hot sleepers.
  • Perfectly sized glass beads never leak. Our weighted blanket glass beads are perfectly sized so they never leak out. The glass beads, unlike sand-filled blankets, are large enough to never leak and stay even when laid out. They offer a unique and comfortable feel compared to traditional weighted blankets.
  • Doubles as a weighted comforter. Bed Buddy gravity blankets work great as a comforter for everyday use.
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case. Don't worry about struggling to store or transport the weighted blanket. A convenient carrying case makes moving the blanket around easy.
  • Available in an adult and kid-size. Our weighted blankets come in both an 80" x 60", 17 lb size and a 41" x 60", 7 lb size. The larger size fits perfectly on a full, queen, or twin size bed while the smaller size is ideal for twin size beds.

Shipping Weight: 17.0 lbs

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