Working in a health care facility is full of challenges. A health care worker has to deal with a variety of patients, some serious and some carrying really contagious pathogens. If this was not enough, there comes a problem of dealing with dirty rooms and infected surfaces. All surfaces carry the risk of harboring disease-causing microorganisms so it’s crucial that the staff members keep their desks clean and disinfected to stay safe. But what to do when the cleaning staff is not around or may take time to come?
Providing high-quality disinfectant wipes can help in this case. Many healthcare facilities have started using disinfectant wipes to help prevent infections and stop cross-transmission of infections. These wipes make for a great tool for decreasing infections within hospitals until cleaning staff do the thorough disinfecting. There are many benefits of these wipes.
They can’t be a full replacement of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, they provide a handy tool to maintain hygiene until help arrives. The wipes must be used for appropriate contact time to ensure the germs are killed. Label of the wipes carry such instructions. With appropriate use, they are effective for:
Use around patients with respiratory problems
As they don’t produce aerosols like spray disinfectants, they can be used around patients with respiratory problems without giving them allergic reactions.
Single surface cleaning
They are meant to be used only once. They reduce the risk of cross-contamination through over-use of dirty rags. Nowadays, wipes have fast kill time, so they ensure all areas can be disinfected quickly.
Clean up in operating rooms
Maintaining hygiene in operating rooms is essential. Through proper use, disinfectant wipes help reduce cross-contamination in sterile environment like an operating room. Disinfectant wipes provide quick clean up solutions for these rooms.
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