Sinai Medical Supply, an authorized distributor of medical supplies online, offers a wide range of orthopedic supplies at wholesale prices. The rates are inexpensive and fair for all buyers including hospitals, healthcare institutions, as well as for patients.

Orthopedic supplies are used in a number of healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics and home as well. There are different types like Back Braces, Post-Operative Back Braces, Prophylactic Lumbar Supports, Protective Body Socks, Knee Braces, Fracture Braces, Cervical Braces, Hip Braces and many more. These products are used by the medical specialties for correction of functional deformities or deformities associated with the skeletal system, particularly the extremities as the spine as well as associated structures like muscles and ligaments.

All the products are designed per healthcare standards to ensure they are fit for the intended purpose and offer relief to patients. However, the cost associated with some of the products are very high, and continually purchasing these supplies becomes a significant expense. This is why Sinai Medical Supply is committed to providing exceptional products at highly competitive prices while ensuring outstanding customer service.

As Sinai Medical Supply works directly with manufacturers, they eliminate the extra cost of going through a middleman. They are authorized dealer of a number of brands like Drive Medical, Pedifix, Fabrication Enterprises, Skil-Care, Medline, Brimhall, and many more. All these brands are known for maintaining the highest quality standards.

The support team at Sinai Medical Supply says that they only work with manufacturers that meet the industry standards. Also, they think of their customers as their family, so they sell only those products to them which they can use for their own family. This is done to meet their objective of achieving total customer satisfaction.

The products are built using the finest grade materials to provide support to patients with a fracture or other major or minor orthopedic problems. Supplies like braces are designed ergonomically to provide compression, support and the best fit for faster relief. As they are made of highly durable material, there’s always very less possibility of tearing.

The superior quality of supplies has made them a popular choice at physician’s offices, nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, as well as numerous other medical care settings and homes. The products are quality-tested, certified and approved.

All these orthopedic supplies are also sold in bulk at wholesale prices as well, for use in healthcare settings or home. The products are available at the lowest prices ever.

With Sinai Medical Supply, customers can rest assured that they will get the much needed support and help from the distributor regarding products, order placement and other concerns.

About Sinai Medical Supply

Sinai Medical Supply is acknowledged as a reliable distributor of high-quality medical supplies manufactured by renowned manufacturers. Being an authorized dealer, Sinai Medical Supply is able to maintain a comprehensive inventory of medical products which are sold at wholesale prices to healthcare institutions, clinicians, as well as patients. The company’s sole intention is to serve the society with full commitment in order to make advanced healthcare facilities available for all.


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