You must have seen doctors, nurses and other health care professionals wearing gloves while serving patients. But have you ever tried to understand the significance of wearing gloves in the hospital?

Gloves are among the most important medical supplies used by health care providers. These are also known as personal protective equipment (PPE) just like masks, gowns, head and shoe covers. Wearing gloves has a special significance as it creates a barrier between hands and germs. It is crucial in the hospital where there are higher chances of contamination. Wearing gloves protects patients as well as health care providers from the spread of infection. Just like any other medical supplies, doctors always prefer high-quality gloves like those from Medline to keep infections at bay.

When to wear gloves?

Doctors and other health care professionals wear gloves, masks etc. while handling patients, when it’s time to touch bodily fluids, blood, mucus membranes, broken skin or bodily tissues. In fact, doctors prefer wearing gloves and other personal safety equipment even if a patient shows no signs of infection. This is important as it keeps hands clean and protects from coming in contact with germs.

Finding the best gloves

Gloves must be worn regularly while examining patients. However, it is important to choose the best fitted gloves as per the size. Right fit is essential to hold objects with ease while making sure that germs do not get inside. Too small gloves can rip while examining patients. It’s good to get the best fitted glove for better use. Some sterile or surgical gloves, which are different, come in numbers. So, one must know the right number to get the perfect size.

Now the thing is where to get these gloves? Online is the best option. A reliable online medical supplies store like Sinai Medical Supply is the right place to find the best equipment from renowned manufacturers like Medline.

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