Sinai Medical Supply, a leading seller of high-quality medical equipment online, has new Therasage products added to its product line. The new products have been added to serve increasing consumer demands for high-quality health, healing and well-being products.

Therasage was launched with the objective of bringing unique infrared, healing energy products to the public, at affordable prices. Therasage products utilize the healing and restorative properties of safe infrared energy, which can provide relief from a wide range of symptoms. These products are simple to use devices that bring the basic process of infrared healing into the home. Quite simply, Therasage products utilize the infrared spectrum and negative ions,with a little interference fromnatural earth elements,to promote wellness.

Therasage products also utilize natural gemstones like jade and tourmaline to administer even distribution of deep, penetrating infraredwhile generatinga wealth of negative ions and grounding therapy.

Since its inception, Therasage has set a benchmark in the industry with products offering natural healing infrared. All of their products are designed using the highest quality specifications and provide years of use. Therasage products exceed industry standards and are available online at Sinai Medical Supply

Infrared heating

It is actually far-infrared heating, which is a safe form of light energy, that has the benefit of deep body penetration for the ultimate in relaxation and pain relief.  Far-infrared heat is the same type of heat generated when the Sun shines brightly on a winter day. This is when the Sun provides us with body soothing infrared heat. Therasage products provide this healthy infrared heat without the harmful elements of continued exposure to direct sunlight. Infrared heat, like infrared rays, are safe. Therasage infrared heat products safely penetrate the body’s underlying tissues up to 3 inches deeper. The heating effect can reduce stress and tension, improve blood circulation,and promote better sleep.

The Therasage massage bed uses the power of jade which emits far-infrared heat to relieve back and muscular pain, boost circulation, improve metabolism, and enhance flexibility.

Therasage products, utilizing far-infrared heating, offer many advantages:

Better circulation

When far infrared heat is absorbed on a cellular level, a physical phenomenon called resonance occurs, which invigorates cellular activities, resulting inbetter blood circulation.



Relief from Pain and Stress

Far-infrared heat is believed to stimulate vasodilatation of peripheral blood vessels which causes more oxygen flow to joints and extremities.  In plain terms, vasodilation is when blood vessels widen allowing more blood to flow.  This increased blood flow brings more healing oxygen to aching joints and extremities. Sprains, strains and aching body parts experience pain relief while reducing injury recover time. Far-Infrared heat also causes the muscles to relax, thus offering great stress relief.

Toxin Removal

Removing toxins is also part of achieving health and wellness.  Applying far-infrared heat assists with toxin removal by vibrating certain cellsthat hold toxic gases in our bodies. This vibration energizes your cells allowing them to push out harmful toxins.

Sinai Medical Supply sells these powerful products online at wholesale prices.

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