There are many issues with seniors and one of them is mobility related. Age and other problems make it difficult to do daily activities and walk around freely. However, there are solutions to these problems related to mobility.

Disability, illness and aging cause immobility which can further lead to other problems due to prolonged inactivity. Immobility affects multiple areas of the body rather than just one. Also, the effects of immobility are different and some types of disabilities cannot be reversed but can be minimized. This is often the case with elderly. The right medical supplies and small changes to daily activities can help overcome immobility and associated complications to a greater extent.

Promoting mobility

Wheelchairs and other walking aids

Wheelchairs, walkers, mobility scooters, etc. provide great support to seniors battling immobility. Power wheelchairs and other walking aids by Drive Medical promote independence in seniors and give them a sense of freedom. With walking aids, they can roam around the house freely and can perform their daily activities without any assistance. Along with mobility accessories like a safety alarm, can holders and others, seniors can safely roam indoors and outdoors.

Bathroom safety

Mobility issues make it difficult to use bathroom for seniors. Slips and falls can happen anytime. Preventing such incidents can often require comprising the privacy of seniors. However, bathroom safety products like bath transfer benches, stools, bathtub safety rails, bath lifts, grab bars, and other accessories make bathroom easily accessible. Drive Medical provides many such products to make life easier for seniors.

Other issues associated with immobility

Immobility or partial mobility can cause a person remain in bed or a in a wheelchair for longer periods than normal. This can lead to pressure sores, and other problems. Supplies like therapeutic cushions, mattresses, bariatric beds, and other products provide great relief to patients. Finding all these products is now easier online on Sinai Medical Supply. .

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