The widespread coronavirus pandemic has made PPEs popular than ever. Ask even a kid, and they will be able to tell you about protective equipment. The primary objective of wearing PPE is to ensure protection against infection.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has already put healthcare workers at the highest risk of infection. With PPEs, it is anticipated to offer them the best protection against infection while serving patients. As deduced from the studies conducted till now, a barrier is essential to protect the virus from infecting a healthy person. It also means, covering more body parts can provide better protection. Therefore, a basic PPE kit must include:

Face shields with safety goggles

Plastic safety goggles that can provide complete coverage to the eyes and eye area can provide better protection from sudden splashes of body fluids or particles. Face shields cover from brow to chin and can be worn over the goggles for enhanced protection.


The use of gloves, especially sterile, disposable gloves while handling patients during a health checkup amidst this coronavirus pandemic is essential. It avoids contaminating equipment and patients. Wearing gloves also prevents aerosols or particles from patients coming in direct contact with the healthcare provider.


Gowns or surgical gowns are preferably worn at the operating table to help maintain a sterile surgical environment, essential to prevent infections.

Coveralls or jumpsuits

These health apparel products have become extremely popular during this pandemic. It keeps the wearer covered from head-to-toe, and also has attached booties. They can be fasten in the front and may also come with a hood or attached mask.


Wearing masks to cover nose and mouth prevents the spread of germs. During this pandemic, the use of masks is essential not only for healthcare workers, but also general public before stepping out.

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