Living with limited mobility can be difficult, but not when a simple and cost-effective option like mobility scooter is available to help you get out and about. However, you must understand that mobility scooters are meant for everyone. In order to make the most effective use of mobility scooters, you must know the upsides and downsides of scooters. Consulting the healthcare provider can help a lot.

What are mobility scooters?

Quite like a golf buggy, it works something like between a motorized wheelchair and a motor scooter. However, the travel speed is much slower.

Talking about the structure, all scooters have a bike like structure with a similar steering, but a large padded upright seat. The controls are simple and they are powered by batteries.

Who can ride a mobility scooter?

People with limited mobility who want an easy option to visit their friends and nearby places can ride a mobility scooter. If you have mobility issues caused by conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis or obesity, you can find great help with scooters.

These mobility solutions are for adults who:

  • Feel pain after walking short distances
  • Are able enough not to need a wheelchair

If your upper body movement is fine, you can use mobility scooters.

However, if you have sight, hearing or perceptual awareness related issues, you should never use mobility scooters.

Also, you must remember that mobility scooters are not meant for long journeys. These are also not meant for use at home. That being said, some portable models are available these days that allow this facility.

 Online medical supplies and equipment store Sinai Medical Supply carries an extensive variety of mobility scooters in different models. Discuss your needs with your healthcare provider and place an order to receive the most suited model for your needs.

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