Depending upon the medical condition, a patient may need long-term or short-term care at home or hospital setting. Whether the patient has to be at home or hospital, they require use of certain healthcare supplies for better care. In unfortunate conditions when care is needed for long-term, any medical supply intended for long-term patient care is extremely important. In fact, seniors also require the use of certain medical supplies for long-term care.

Thankfully, leading brands such as Drive Medical offer outstanding solutions for long-term patient care. They manufacture and supply a wide range of medical supplies which are suitable for home as well as hospital care. Let’s see some of the important medical supplies for long-term patient care:


Patients or seniors who have to spend a lot of time lying on the bed must have therapeutic beds or specialized beds to avoid the risk of pressure sores while offering them the much needed comfort. Resident beds come featured with a wide range of options, such as adjustability, control and lock system, and several others.

Mobility solutions

Patients who cannot walk need mobility solutions such as wheelchairs, manual or electric, to ensure independence of doing things. Wheelchairs are appropriate for use at home and hospital for transfers. At home, wheelchairs are also used for doing daily things and roaming around with family. Nowadays, wheelchairs have also become portable and can be taken along for travel. Adjustable wheelchairs are also available to allow users adjust height for their comfortable use.

Lifts and slings

If the patient is unable to lift themselves or move, caregivers have to use lifts and slings to lift them up. Different options are available to help caregivers to lift patients for changing, making them sit on the wheelchairs, etc.

Bathing systems

Seniors and patients need to stay extremely careful while bathing. Bathing systems also come featured with different options to make life easier. From self-filling to built-in disinfectant and other features provide complete relief to patients.

Fall safety and alarm

If there are chances of falls and slips, then using safety mat and alarm system can make things a little easier. The use of safety systems brings great relaxation to the caregiver as well as the patient.

Fortunately, patient care medical supplies are now available online for commercial and retail use. Online medical supply stores carry a wide range of options and charge a reasonable price for their products.

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