Medical grade skincare products are those products which have been procured by the doctors. These skincare products contain ingredients whose concentration is regulated by the FDA.


  • Quality ingredients

The medical skincare products have the compulsion to contain 99% pure ingredients. However, those skincare products which are purchased at other departmental or drug stores do not contain the ingredients of the same standard. They may even contain fillers.

  • Perfect quantity of each ingredient

There are some important active ingredients which are recommended for healthy skin such as retinoid, vitamin C, anti-oxidants and much more. The medical-grade skincare products contain a higher concentration of the active ingredients.

  • Regulation of purity and safety by FDA

The medical grade skin care products are created after intensive research.  They have the research studies as a backup for any claim about it’s effect and benefits. When considering over the counter skin care products, they do not have any research work or studies to back up their claim of benefits.

  • Delivers the ingredients to deep skin layers

Products bought from a non-medical professionals work only up to the outermost skin layer which is known as the epidermis. They are unable to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and simply sit on the surface. However, the medical-grade skincare products are formulated in such a way that the ingredients can be delivered up to the dermis. The collagen fiber scaffold is present in the dermis, and thus changes can occur only if the products reach this layer.

  • The medical skincare products are prescribed by medical professionals

The use of medical grade skincare products has a huge benefit that medical professionals prescribe them. Thus the patients are able to use the correct product which is perfect for their skin. On the other hand, products brought from departmental stores are not prescribed by physicians. As a result, the patients buy random products which might not be suitable for them.

  • Medical grade products are no more expensive

The medical supplies are not as expensive. It is mainly due to three reasons.

  1. There are no marketing costs since the pharmaceutical company does not spend money on advertisement. They spend this money instead on the quality and research of the product.
  2. These products actually work, and thus the patients do not feel that they are throwing away their money.
  3. The active ingredient concentration is high, which allows it to penetrate deep up to the dermis. As a result, a person uses less amount of the product, while also receiving excellent results.


If you want to buy a skincare product but are unable to decide on the best medical products, you can visit a dermatologist and get something prescribed. You can visit our website  to buy all the medical grade skin care products which are 100% genuine and affordable.

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