It is quite surprising to know that the bathroom is the most dangerous place in your home for ailing, seniors and disabled. Most of the slips and falls happen in the bathroom and can lead to disability and even death. Seniors, ailing and disabled people are highly prone to slips and falls in the bathroom. Being physically weak and due to restricted movement, they are most vulnerable to serious accidents. Thankfully, there are easy to install and use bath safety products to keep you and loved ones safe in bathroom. Swivel sliding transfer benches by Eagle Health Supplies and other products ensure safety while using the bathroom.

Transfer bench

The most difficult thing for elderly and disabled is to access the bathroom. Using a commode, and getting in and out of the bathtub are major issues. A revolutionary product for them is the transfer bench that makes getting in and out of the shower easier. Transfer benches, especially Swivel sliding transfer benches, are elongated benches designed to put two legs inside the tub and two outside it. Heavy-duty and sturdy, it provides better stability inside bath.

It comes with padding or without padding to offer ability to safely slide the user into the bathtub and slide out of it.The seat slides and locks in to provide prevention against fall.

Bariatric shower chair

Seniors and disabled can regain their sense of dignity and independence inside bath with this revolutionary product.The Bariatric shower chair by Eagle Health Supplies is designed for safer baths without any assistance. It provides safety to the users while bathing and minimizes the chances of slips and falls. The chair is quite comfortable and convenient for the user. In fact, caregivers can stay relaxed that the patient will be safer inside the bathroom. Its heavy-duty polished aluminum frame is rust-free and provides support to users up to 500 lbs.

Grab bar

A Shower grab bar is an easy solution to provide safety to the patients while getting in and out of the bath. Attaching it to the wall provides a secure hand grip for anyone who needs support inside bath.Installing grab bars around commode and bathtub allows patients to use the bathroom and shower with independence.

These are simple and helpful products which patients can use inside bath for safer access. Transfer benches are easily available online at highly discounted prices. Ordering online also provides the convenience of doorstep delivery.

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