Heel & elbow protectors are recommended to patients who need pressure relief from contact surfaces or protection during activities where there is a concern for falls. Offering comfortable sock-like protective coverings, they ensurecomfort while reducing external pressure on heel and elbow. They also come integrated with gel pads to help protect bony prominences and redistribute high pressure points.

Heel protection

As the posterior heel is covered only by a thin layer of skin and fat, they are highly vulnerable to skin breakdown. When a human body lays supine, heels bear all of the pressure of the lower legs and feet. Since they lack muscle tissues to absorb the stress, heels are more likely to breakdown under this pressure. It eventually leads to irritation followed by the development of a painful ulcer.

Wearing heel protectors can aid to pressure redistribution in the area, provide relief from pressure ulcers, friction burns and abrasions. The good this is that they are washable and reusable.

Elbow protectors

Elbow pads or protectors are worn by athletes and other people to protect elbow from injury and soreness. They are also used by people who participate in diving and sliding. Elbow protectors also come handy when there’s too much leaning on elbow – as it may happen in some occupation. In this case, wearing elbow protectors can provide a cushioning protection, thus helping to prevent injury. Like heel protectors, elbow pads are also washable and reusable.

There are many high-quality heel & elbow protectors which cushion against impact and feel very comfortable. Additionally, they are extremely durable and don’t interfere during sports and other activities. As they are provided with padded hook and loop closure, they are easy to put on and put off. The protectors are available for adult and pediatric use.

Online availability of these medical supplies make life a lot easier. Stores like Sinai Medical Supply not only offer top brands, but also ensure affordability of the products.


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