Sinai Medical Supply is a well-known medical company who deals with the supply of medical equipment like Drive Medical. They carry the most comfortable medical devices that are exclusively designed for users who are searching for a portable power mobility product.

Features of a Drive Medical Wheelchair

It is a high-powered wheelchair, which is best suited for indoor and outdoor purposes. If you are looking to navigate within enclosed spots, and obtaining optimum performance, then you may go for a Drive Medical Wheelchair. This would make sure that the medical equipment is stable and can overcome hurdles.

You can even disassemble the product in the absence of tools. The components can be loaded into vehicles like a car, van or trucks. It features an eighteen-inch captain seat and customizing options are available.

What are the benefits of the above-mentioned wheelchair?

  1. It consists of interchangeable color panels in blue and red.
  2. Adjustable headrest and reclining seats
  3. Revolving captain’s seat
  4. Replaceable and adjustable armrests
  5. Adjustable controller mount
  6. Anti-tip wheels

If you are scouting for an ideal wheelchair, then you must take a closer look at the product requirements. A manual model could be a great option for individuals that are strong enough to propel the chair in the absence of motors/engines. You need to pay close attention to additional features offered by a high-powered wheelchair. The overall appearance of conventional wheelchairs might look similar, but it does not imply that performance is the same.

You should focus on the product’s functionality as well as comfort while shopping for a wheelchair. Apart from that, compare its size and weight. It is indeed flexible mobile equipment that is suitable for people irrespective of age and body type.

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