The hospital mattress and toppers are specially designed to provide support to your back and minimize the pressure points. There are numerous benefits by choosing top quality mattresses. Mattress toppers will give you a comfortable night’s sleep because you get an added comfort layer.  The highest quality mattress will give you relaxation by providing you better sleep. There are various types of Mattress overlays & toppers available through Sinai Medical Supply. You can choose the best ones from Sinai Medical Supply because we have a huge selectioin to meet any of your requirements. These will give health benefits as well as value for the money. A mattress can make a world of a difference.

The Benefits of a Mattress and its features:

  • A gel mattress overlay has a high-density polyurethane foam casing. These will prevent causing capillary occlusion with the lowest possible pressure readings.  These permit proper airflow which is very good for the patient or whoever is using it.  They are flexible and anti-bacterial.
  • A fiber top mattress will improve the quality of sleep, and improve lymphatic flow which will prevent bedsores. It is very effective in relieving many symptoms.
  • A Geo mattress is designed to aid in pressure ulcer elimination. This has a fluid proof nylon cover which makes it waterproof.
  • A Prodigy mattress with pump and patch kit is an overlay mattress system that will help patients who suffer with skin break down, and ischemic ulcers. It is flexible and gives a cool sensation to the skin.

Reach out and find high quality mattress overlays at super low prices. The supreme quality and all the benefits will provide immense satisfaction.  These mattresses are specially designed for therapeutic uses and patients who suffer from prolonged sickness.  They can use it to prevent bed sores.  The foam and toppers used in the mattress will give a comfortable feeling. You can trust these products and get the best quality with various medical benefits. Experience the supreme quality matress overlays and get peace of mind.

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