An introduction to Footbath devices

Foot bath devices are being commonly used in today’s world and many of the patients have been relieved from them. These kinds of devices run on electrical energy and can be easily installed at your home as well. Dual user systems which promote certain foot exercise mechanisms.  They are also becoming increasingly popular because patients often do this in conjunction with some light exercises. Usage of the Detox foot bath systems have several advantages as it helps in flushing out the toxins of the body.

Footbath detox mechanisms are not commonly available. These machines come with a warranty, and the warranty ensures the quality for the long term.

How are exercise kits different from the footbath devices?

Many patients who have been prescribed with medicines for certain specific foot based ailments require doing certain exercises.  Exercise kits are widely available. These can be bought from the local stores based on the specific requirements. For instance, the CanDo exercise band accessory kit is popular and it consists of the following components:

  • loop stirrup
  • door disc
  • handles (pair)

Loop stirrups are of two types which include one small as well as one large piece.

How do you exercise with the help of exercise kits?

You just need to place the band through the small webbing. Ensure that you put the loop to a point which is stationary. Then the loop can be used in association with the handles to create a support. Feet can be moved slowly and the pace needs to be increased gradually in order to flex the foot muscles. These are durable and come with a warranty. Ensure that you read the manual properly before using any medical supply.


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