A wheelchair is mobility equipment that allows people with specific mobility issues in navigating the world. These people include the elderly, the differently-abled, those who are recuperating from surgeries, or those who met any accident. Wheelchairs come in various shapes, sizes and possess different features. For those who feel confused about making the right choice, here is a list of factors that would make it easier to choose the correct wheelchair.

Usage Pattern

A person may use a wheelchair only indoors or outdoors. Someone who is self-operating a wheelchair may have different needs than someone who has an assistant for constant help. Similarly, someone may use it for a few hours a day while others may want to use it on a near-permanent level and maybe even go to work in it.

In the case of the former group, it is better to go for a foldable wheelchair. Since the usage levels and needs vary so greatly, you should keep this in mind before venturing into the world of umpteen choices.

Based On Operational Level

When it comes to operating a wheelchair, you can choose a Manual or a Powered version. If the user has enough upper body strength and wishes to motor the wheelchair for a couple of hours a day, the manual version will fit the bill. However, if the user is weak or needs to spend the majority of the day in the wheelchair, a battery-powered version will be better.

Seating Or Tilting Ability

Some Wheelchairs possess upright seats that are more suitable for those using it sporadically or for a shorter time. Others maintain a tilting ability that provides more comfort to users who need to spend a large portion of their day in the wheelchair.

Similarly, there are wheelchair seats with extra padding for better comfort and some versions with a standing ability too. It would help if you chose the one best suited for your purpose.

Cost Factor

Of course, choosing a wheelchair with the latest features would also cost more than comparing a standard wheelchair with basic amenities. With improving technology, today, some wheelchair companies have come up with versions that can ascend or descend staircases also. It is essential to do a cost-benefit analysis before zeroing down on the best wheelchair for your specific needs.

Power Ahead

The advantages of using Wheelchairs include better mobility and greater independence for the vulnerable segments of the population. Choosing the best option from a plethora of brands may seem confusing, but a little bit of research will give you a companion for life.

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