We live in the world of technology that has blessed people who need a powered or electronic wheelchairs to move around in whatever direction they want with great convenience. If we talk about the joystick or controller, it is needed to get independence and control over the wheelchair. These days, there are a lot of stores for wheelchairs & accessories online that offer different wheelchair drive controls to pick from. Here, this essential guide will assist you to find out which one is the most appropriate for your requirements and will let you get your independence. Have a short look:

Traditional Joystick: A usual joystick comes with an on & off switch, battery meter, and speed control. Also, there is a gimbal knob that you can push in any direction you want for easy driving and controlling your power wheelchair. This technique can also be used to control the chair’s speed by holding the gimbal in place longer.

Head Control: Well, you may find it a little silly, but the fact is that using this control feature you can drive your wheelchair with your head. The controller is in general mounted at the rear of your head and fixed to the head support. By using the head you can direct the gimbal in whatever direction you want.

Finger Control: Yes, now using just a single finger, you can drive your power wheelchair.  This is possible on account of a finger control feature of a certain type of chair. This controller is actually a square box that has a hole in the top which you can mount anywhere and you can easily access. In addition, it makes use of the similar rules as traditional joysticks do, but in place of the gimbal, you just utilize your finger.     

Touchpad Control: This controller functions works with the touch of a finger. This uses a touch screen and it is slight different from the finger controller. Using the touch pad you can have control over the wheelchair and direct in any direction you wish to go.       

Apart from the above-mentioned options, there are also some other wheelchair drive controls such as the compact joystick, sip & puff drive control, wafer boards, proximity switch drive control, and more. But in order to make the right choice, experts always suggest considering your requirements and how your power wheelchair can get a better lifestyle for yourself with different admirable features.


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