Exercise & Physical Therapy Products are of great advantages to physical therapists or general people in coping up with stress, pain or other kinds of health issues. Physical Therapy products can now be purchased at Sinai Medical Supply at the lowest prices. The equipment is designed to aid patients and ensures to make the treatment more effective. There are wide ranges of physical therapy equipment available in the online store. There are exercise equipment such as the heel float, heel float adjustable walker, etc. and are aids in daily life activities and exclusively made to cater the demands of the people, who require constant support.

Physical Therapy Supplies: Affordable & Easily Accessible

There are different kinds of Exercise & Physical Therapy Equipment available in the online store. All the equipment are unique and advanced with different features. This will help the person to improve their health condition through proper exercise. These products are high in quality and also durable. You can rely on the products for effective results.

  • Heel-Float Adjustable Walker Boot- the boot comes with an adjustable strap and a detachable foot tread. It has a soft cloth liner, which eliminates moisture. It can be laundrable after the removal of the gel pack. It is easy to use.
  • Heels-Off – Medium/Large- The convoluted foam will work as a pressure relief for both the heels and ensure to give stability. This will prevent the formation pressure sores. Optional gel will be added for extra comfort and cooling for your heels.
  • Replacement Gel Pack for Heel Float- the pack can be used in various heel care products to reduce perspiration, ensure to cool the heel, etc. It could be kept in the refrigerator for cold therapy and can be placed in hot water for hot therapy.
  • Heels-Off w/Gel insert- this will prevent pressure sores and it will elevate legs to relax the spine. The extra cover will give skin protection.

When you are searching to upgrade the physical therapy supplies, it is the best choice to rely on   Sinai Medical Supply.  This online store has extensive ranges of physical therapy products with superior quality and specifications. Purchasing the right product for the therapy from the best store is very important. Physical therapy products are investments therapists makes to improve the setup of the clinic while giving treatment to the patients. With the right investments, your practice will be able to help many lives.

Reliable Source to Choose the Right Physical Therapy Supplies

The physical therapy supplies will help people by getting the proper treatment.  They can do exercises with these advanced products for a better lifestyle. You can rely on the Sinai Medical Supply and see product descriptions from the site.


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