Your posture, means the position of your body while sitting, standing or lying down, is quite important. Right posture is crucial to avoid different types of pain and discomfort. If your posture is good, you have a neutral spine and it offers many health benefits including freedom from pack and neck pain. Chiropractic care is the most holistic way to correct posture and lead a healthy, confidentlife. Brimhall is the centerfor holistic chiropractic care and provides solutions for optimal health management.

The importance of having good posture

Appearance is the most obvious benefit of good posture but there are several health benefits that people are least aware of.

  • It reduces stress on ligaments
  • It is important to maintain correct alignment of bones and joints
  • It reduces problems related to joints
  • It allows efficient use of muscles
  • It prevents muscle pain and strain

Poor posture has psychological implications as well. A person with poor posture feels depressed and has low confidence level.

Better posture with chiropractic care

Forward head carriage, rounded upper back, arched lower back, hunched and roundedshoulders are all indicative of poor posture. Back pain is also indicates posture related problems. Consult your chiropractor in case of these signs. Your chiropractor can suggest some chiropractic adjustments to correct your posture. Exercises and recommendations on right positioning through different activities can be included in corrective practices.

A chiropractor can tell you how to maintain and correct your posture as you sit or stand or lie down. Maintaining correct posture also requires the use of the right mattress and pillow. Sleep position also helps in maintaining the right posture and keep you from different types of pain.

Dr. Brimhall’s initiative toward holistic care promotes chiropractic care through different methods and lifestyle changes. They have also launched great products to ensure healing through non-invasive methods.

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