Who doesn’t want to live independently and do all necessary chores without any support? However, life is full of challenges and no one knows what future has in stores. Ageing, chronic illness or some unfortunate incidents can take away the freedom to move and perform daily activities. Restricted mobility can make general tasks around home quite daunting.

If you or any of your loved ones have suffered, then you can understand how life takes upside down when independence is gone. Now you can bring some flexibility or freedom to life with specialized equipment and aids to daily living.

There are hundreds of items to help restore independence to some extent. Let’s have a look at few of them:

Dining aids

Restricted mobility can make eating and drinking a lot difficult. It becomes tricky if you are unable to grip things properly. Nowadays there are simple kitchen devices to help through the way.

Starting from utensils to drinking aids, there are all sorts of options available to make life easier. There are Alzheimer specialty red tableware set, built-up handles, built-up utensils and a lot of other things that can ease life. There are slicers, knives and spoons with a right angled handle to provide better grip comfortably without twisting or bending wrist.

Ergonomic supplies

There are universal handle clips, lever extenders, finger separation mitts, cushion grips, door alarms, toilet seat cushions, wheelchair seat cushions and several other things to make life comfortable.

Other aids

Ring writer clip, ergo writer, gripper, abduction pillow, hip protector, utensil hand clip, key turner, light switch extender, self-wipe bathroom toilet aid as well another things to aid in daily activities.

Online suppliers like Sinai Medical Supply ensure these aids to daily living are easily available to everyone at affordable costs. Just place your order online and everything you need will be delivered right to your doorstep.


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